Basic Information
Experiment GSM3021000 Study GSE111049
Organism Homo sapiens (GRCh38) Tissue Monocyte-derived macrophages
Protocol 10X Sample# 1
Sample Run SRR6766965
Reference Schulthess, J., et al. (2019). The Short Chain Fatty Acid Butyrate Imprints an Antimicrobial Program in Macrophages. Immunity 50(2): 432-445.e437.

Gene# 13543 Cell# 1454
PolyA site# Gene with polyA site#
APA event# Gene with APA event#
Cell types 1

  APA information  
Box plot showing in different cell types
UMAP showing 2D embeddings of cell types based on the gene expression profile
UMAP showing distribution in single cells
Scatter plot showing correlation between gene expression and