Basic Information
Experiment GSM2825061 Study GSE105216
Organism Homo sapiens (GRCh38) Tissue Bone marrow
Protocol 10X Sample# 1
Sample Run SRR6192409
Reference Kini Bailur, J., et al. (2017). Changes in bone marrow innate lymphoid cell subsets in monoclonal gammopathy: target for IMiD therapy. Blood Advances 1(25): 2343-2347.

Gene# 12645 Cell# 868
PolyA site# Gene with polyA site#
APA event# Gene with APA event#
Cell types 1

  APA information  
Box plot showing in different cell types
UMAP showing 2D embeddings of cell types based on the gene expression profile
UMAP showing distribution in single cells
Scatter plot showing correlation between gene expression and